Some fun with d3 scales

In this article I expand on a tutorial that I enjoyed for d3. Most of the changes introduce the use of scales. I start by introducing scales for calculating the locations and sizes of the marks on the chart, then apply them to vary the color of the marks and the associated labels. I have been working with d3 on and off for the past year. It is a great library, and there are tons of great resources for learning d3. [Read More]

why blog?

Why should anyone start a blog at this point?

Perhaps blogs still have a purpose today, and perhaps they do not. Only time will tell. My purpose in setting this site is to begin writing again, and to share some things I learn with others. How did it come to this? My career has been a long, busy road. As soon as I started my professional life I also started taking graduate courses. I had promised myself when I was working on my B.S. [Read More]